Walkways are a great way to add beauty and accessibility to your yard. A walkway can lead you to a pond, a gazebo, or a view of far away places. It can also keep your footwear clean, and it can increase the beauty and saleability of your property.

At ZO Landscape Maintenance, we have installed dozens of trails and pathways in the Puget Sound. We make them so the last. That means a proper foundation that supports any pavers above them. It means making it safe to walk over, with a consistent level and walkability throughout. We're careful to select and place the most suitable pavers to make it easy for adults and children alike to find their way without risk of accidental tripping or loss of footing.

Our walkways are also built to be low maintenance. Creating a surface that responds well to a quick brushing or leave blowing means ease of maintenance long after we have finished the project.

Talk to us today about the possibilities. Whether you want to do a complete yard re-landscaping, or simply add a pathway to create more access and beauty to your existing yard, we can help you make it happen.