Every home is unique. Even if the physical house itself is identical to others in the neighborhood, everyhome has unique sunlight, shading and seasonal considerations.

What direction does your house face? Is it in the shadow of great trees or a mountain close by? What about drainage? All these considerations go into how your yard should be landscaped to take advantage of all that is around it, including the look of the house, and how you wish to accentuate its best features to add value to your home and property.

Landscape design is about planning what goes where. It takes into consideration all manner of circumstances, and if done right, can make your home beautiful for years to come.

At ZO Landscape Maintenance, we have decades of experience helping the good people of Puget Sound create a complete plan for their yard. Let us help you. Let's start with a no-pressure conversation about what you would like to do, and you decide what direction you would like to take it from there.

We look forward to meeting you.